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the specifications and uses of aluminum foil

  The classification of Changyuan Aluminum foil by use can be divided into packaging foil, commodity foil, electrical equipment foil and building foil. However, the use of segmentation can be divided into many kinds. What is the alloy state of the commonly used aluminum foil? What is the typical thickness? What is the processing mode?

Smoke aluminum foil

Alloy and temper: 1235 - O, 8079 - O
Typical thickness: 0.006 ~ 0.007
Processing mode: paper, color, printing, etc
End use: used for cigarette packaging after paper, printing, or painting

flexible package aluminum foil

Alloy state: 8079 - O, 1235 -O
Typical thickness: 0.006 to 0.009
Processing mode: paper, plastic film, embossing, printing, and so on
End use: confectionery, milk and dairy products, powdered food, beverages, tea, bread and various small foods, etc

paper jam aluminum foil,

Alloy state: 1235 -O, 8079 - O
typical thickness: 0.006
processing mode: aluminum - plastic paper composite
End use: barrier and aesthetic effect

sterile package,

Alloy state: 1235 - O, 8011 - o, 8079 -O
typical thickness: 0. 0063, 0. 00635
processing method: aluminum - plastic paper composite, printing final
use: as barrier materials are made of ( drinking soda - water - time ) in the rectangular carton package

Aluminium foil for household

Alloy status: 8011 - O
Typical thickness: 0.008 ~ 0.02
Way of processing: small roll
End use: used for food preservation, barbecue, aviation, hotel catering and kitchen cleaning

hose aluminum foil

Alloy state: 8011 - O, 1060 - O
Typical thickness: 0.012 - 0.02
Processing method: compound, printing, etc
Final use: after compound printing with PE, it is used for processing toothpaste, ointments, cosmetics and other cream products.

heat sealing aluminum foil

Alloy status: 8011 - O
Typical thickness: 0.025 ~ 0.05 ( single - side light or double - sided light )
Processing method: compound, printing, etc
End use: processed by printing or painting, used in milk and other dairy products such as milk and yogurt

drug aluminum foil

Alloy status: 8011 - H18; 8021 - O
Typical thickness: 0.02 ~ 0.075
Processing mode: composite, coating, printing, etc
Final use: after compound, printing, widely used in all kinds of medicine capsules, tablets, granules packaging.

container aluminum foil

Alloy state: 8011 - H24, 3003 - H24, 8011 - H22
Typical thickness: 0.02 ~ 0.20
Processing method: stamping forming
End use: semi - rigid container for food packaging after impact

air - conditioning aluminum foil

Alloy state: 3102, 8011 - H22 / H24 / H26
Typical thickness: 0.08 ~ 0.2
Processing method: punching fin
Final use: making heat transfer fin of air conditioning heat exchanger

cable belt,

Alloy status: 8011 - O
Typical thickness: 0.1 ~ 0.2
Processing method: aluminum - plastic compound
Final use: aluminum - plastic composite used to cover the strong electric cable

cable aluminum foil

Alloy status: 1235 - o
Typical thickness: 0.006 ~ 0.04
Processing mode: aluminum - plastic composite after processing into narrow strips
End use: shielding weak wire from the shielding effect

aluminum foil for wine label 

Alloy status: 8011 - O
Typical thickness: 0.009 ~ 0.012
Way of processing: printing
End - purpose: beer, wine label

capacitor aluminum foil,

Alloy status: 1235 - O
Typical thickness: 0.0045 to 0.009
Way of processing: liner oil - immersed paper
End - purpose: electronic capacitors

insulation material aluminum foil

Alloy state: 8011 - O, 1235 - O
Typical thickness: from 0.006 to 0.03
Processing method: composite material
End use: used for processing thermal insulation materials, such as rock wool board, heat insulation tiles

battery aluminum foil

Alloy state: 1235 - H18, 1060 - H18, 1070 - H18
Typical thickness: 0.012 ~ 0.035
End - use: products for lithium ion battery pack electrical materials

adhesive tape aluminum foil

Alloy state: 8011 - O, 1235 - O
Typical thickness: 0.01 - 0.05
End use: suitable for all kinds of transformer, mobile phone, computer, PDA, PDP, led display, notebook computer, copier and other electronic products, such as electromagnetic shielding

industrial aluminum foil

Alloy state: 8011 - O / H18
Final use: foil for general purpose, mainly used for waterproof and shielding.

Description: the alloy state and typical thickness of aluminum foil used above ( unit: mm ) take the common value, each production enterprise is different, and does not represent the specific state and value range.

Changyuan Aluminum can supply the 8011 aluminium foil,1100 aluminium foil,3003 aluminum foil,1235 aluminium foil,8079 aluminium foil,8006 aluminum foil.

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