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Why use the aluminum coil in thermal insulation

 With the continuous improvement and development of thermal insulation aluminum coil manufacturers, the production has been improved and the price has been reduced, making the aluminum coil for  insulation rolls more and more popular now.Pipeline corrosion insulation is also widely used in thermal insulation, not only because of the price, but also because it has the advantage of traditional metal.aluminum coil.png
1. Long life.The insulation rooled is widely used in the location need heat preservation, pipeline anticorrosive heat preservation, the environment is generally bad, damp, corrosion, bask .The Iron, zinc and other metal materials are not corrosion resistant, easy to rust, under harsh conditions, will be eroded in a few years.In the past, every few years, the enterprise needs to reheat insulation construction,It is the huge waste in the manpower and material.And the heat preservation aluminum coil manufacturer just solved this problem, the aluminium coil does not rust, the corrosion resistance is much higher than the iron, zinc, the enterprise often needs only one construction, can be able to rest easy, save time and effort.
2. Beautiful surface.Corporate image is very important for modern enterprises.When the traditional heat preservation materials such as iron and zinc are oxidized, the color becomes dull and dull. After corrosion and rust, the appearance is even worse, affecting the image of the enterprise.And the heat preservation aluminum coil color is bright, corrosion resistant, not rusting, not easy to oxidize, after the construction beautiful and generous, become the enterprise landscape, deeply loved by the enterprise.
3. Recyclable and high guarantee rate.After corrosion of iron, zinc and other thermal insulation materials, the value of recycling is greatly reduced.However, the thermal insulation aluminum coil manufacturer is looking at this business opportunity, and the product recycling rate is high. By recycling waste aluminum, it can recover 60-70% of the cost, which creates great economic value for the enterprise.

At present, there are three kinds of insulated aluminum coil commonly used in the insulated market: 1000 series pure aluminum coil, 3000 series aluminum manganese alloy, 5000 series aluminum magnesium alloy.One of them is pure aluminum, it is used in municipal pipeline, roof insulation multi-purpose ;The hardness of 3 series aluminum coil is higher, it can be used in outer packing parts, such as tank, machine parts, refrigerator, air conditioner, etc.5 series aluminum coil price is a kind of anticorrosive aluminum, which is used in special environment, such as Marine, ship, chemical industry, electric power, etc.

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