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How to prevent the appearance of drums when rolling aluminum foil

 (1) the convexity of the high speed aluminum foil rolling mill is at the stage of the rate of rise. The difference is larger when running, and the roll temperature is relatively low when the speed is higher. The convexity is also small, especially the new roller, and the convexity is relatively small. From acc to the mouth in the process of the thickness, material panel type lamp bad implanted silicon ㈨ to juice volume hit bottom address. Convex hour, the process of raising speed is on both sides of the material, to establish a certain degree of heat convexity to make the base of the material to be too long, and the sides of the material have been loosened to form a drum; Under the action of flattening roller pressure, take on the aluminum foil is affected by the drum at the bottom of the material, will produce a large number of the drum, not only make the bottom of the acc is difficult, to by a large number of the bottom of the drum is not able to use the stuck between influence yield. When the convexity is large, the base of the uplift will improve obviously, but because the high speed rolling is large, it is often formed in the center plate.  

Therefore, according to the plate situation of the bottom of the outlet, adjust the roll convexity in a timely manner to ensure the quality of the bottom and the plate control of normal rolling, which is one of the measures to prevent the drum of such a drum.
(2) the so-called "plate" parameter refers to the set target plate curve: the typical target plate is a parabola, which is the secondary line of the middle tightness and the edge loose, which can be modified according to the need when necessary. Shape if the parameter value according to the online export strip shape and the production situation of next order under to decide, if including a strip shape parameter setting of the material in the convex, and the plate shape parameters of the next time the transition and improper. The area of the central bulge is relatively long, the deformation heat in the middle of the roll is larger, the roll heat is relatively large, the middle plate of the material is loose, and the central drum phenomenon may appear.  
Therefore, the design of plate parameters must ensure that the door shape is flat and the center is slightly tighter than the side, that is, the reasonable transition of the plate parameter is also considered.
(3) high speed aluminum foil rolling mill in rough, deformation zone will produce large deformation heat. Rolling oil cooling to keep the roller type, stable rolling pass important, if the cooling oil injection pressure and flow rate, cooling effect is affected, but in the actual production process, the pressure and flow rate of cooling oil are monitored. There is usually no problem. A lot of weather resistance is rolling oil nozzle blocking or connect the nozzle pipe shed, burst, such as mechanical failure, lead to actual injection in the working range of the coolant flow rate and pressure, cooling effect is compromised. The corresponding area of the bar is high, the plate is loose and the drum,
Therefore, the injection effect of the nozzle should be checked regularly, once the drum phenomenon appears. Check the working conditions of the spray in time: this is one of the measures to prevent the drum.
(4) the actual aluminum foil rolling deformation area is mostly mixed lubrication. The microconvex body in the deformation zone is caused by the rupture of the boundary membrane due to high contact pressure, resulting in direct contact with the metal, and the pressure in the deformation zone is borne by the fluid. In the other part, the thickness of the oil film in the exposed microconvex body is decreased with the increase of pressure. At the same time. In the high speed rolling state, a large number of deformation heat will cause the deformation temperature to rise, the lubricating oil molecules heat up, and the directional adsorption decreases. The oil film intensity decreased, even the oil film burst. Started to scratch the metal surface, known as the absolute temperatures rolling oil temperature Τ critical failure. If the local temperature exceeded Τ deformation area, the border will happen burst and cause a direct contact of the metal surface, so as to increase the friction factor, wear, deformation zone temperature rise, which promoted the oil film is broken, and the percentage of metal surface in direct contact with the area of the M. It will increase rapidly, and the heat will rapidly accumulate in the area, causing the outlet of the outlet to rise.  
The temperature of process lubricating oil is different from that of its critical failure temperature, and its temperature is related to the lubricating oil performance and additive ratio. By additives molecules formed by listening to the strength of the membrane attached is bigger, can not break at high temperatures, but the intensity of oil film which is formed by the different ratio of additives and the critical failure temperature T, and different. The reasonable preparation of rolling oil is very important to enhance the film strength and improve rolling speed.  
General rolling oil is based on the principle of high oil film strength, low viscosity, low oil spot tendency. First choose the appropriate base oil (carbon chain between C10 ~ C14 0) and the appropriate proportion of additives (give priority to with compound additives, ester, alcohol 1% ~ 2% of 2% ~ 3%) should be in accordance with the actual conditions of GeChang production at the same time to adjust. The performance parameters of rolling oil are strictly controlled in the preparation process.
(5) modern aluminum foil rolling has a great emphasis on cleaning and cleaning of the environment in the rolling mill. The roller is the cleaning equipment for rolling environment. The earliest rollers are usually made of felt, which is soft, sited and has little wear and tear on the supporting roll. The disadvantage is that once the card has foreign body, not easy to clear, but easy to graze the support roller, at the same time life is short, not durable. It has the advantages of durable, easy to clean and easy to replace. In accordance with the supporting roller is not good, but if the film forming local contacts or small area of contact, in the process of high speed rolling, backup roll and damaged due to overheating partial friction, affect the work roll, thus leaving scars on material surface. In the next rolling, the corresponding position often appears the drum.  
Therefore, it is necessary to check whether the roller film and the supporting roller are normal, and adjust the pressure of the roller when replacing the roller film or replacement of the supporting roller. When producing, pay attention to the quality of the surface, which is one of the measures to prevent the drum.
(6) it is very important to stabilize the rolling process of high speed aluminum foil rolling roller, and it is even possible to introduce the servo valve on both sides of the roller to participate in the pressure control. Generally speaking, the speed of at ordinary times is refers to the linear velocity, the roll and the pressure on the export of aluminium roll flattening roller speed to 20% faster than the speed of roll ~ 30, at the rate of 1500 m/min, if mill is flattening roller linear velocity can reach 1800 m/min to 2000 m/min, the flattening roller linear velocity can reach 1800 m/min to 2000 m/min. At such high speed, the pressure of the flattening roller has a great influence on the quality of the volume, and if the pressure on the aluminum roll is large, the friction of the material will increase. The local heat will also loosen the drum. In actual production, it is often used to reduce the pressure of flattening roller and reduce the grinding convexity of the flattening roller to alleviate the drum.

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