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Maintenance method for aluminum alloy wheel hub

Hub with its beautiful natural, safe and comfortable features won more and more private car owners favor. Here, to introduce the maintenance of aluminum alloy wheels. When necessary after cleaning can be waxing maintenance on wheels, make it shine forever.

When the wheel hub with difficult to remove the tar, if the general cleaning agent to no avail, can try to clear the brush, but do not use a strong brush, especially the iron brush, so as not to damage the surface of the wheel hub. Here, to private owners have introduced a tar removal remedies: use of medicinal "oil" inunction, can obtain the result that expect is less than, I might as well give it a try.

When the wheel hub temperature is high, should let the natural cooling after cleaning, do not use cold water to clean. Otherwise, it will damage the aluminum alloy wheels, and even make the brake disc deformation and affect the braking effect. In addition, in the high temperature with a cleaning agent to clean the aluminum alloy wheels, will make the wheel hub surface chemical reaction, lose luster, impact. If the location of the vehicle when wet, the wheel should be frequently cleaned, so as to avoid the corrosion of salt on the aluminum surface.

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