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Technical strength

Recently, the introduction of well-known brands by the Italy AME (An Mei) production of 4 axis CNC machining center MC MECAL 305 Kosmos arrived at the doors and windows processing plant, is currently being installed in the tension.

It is reported that Italy and Germany belong to the same manufacturing machinery and equipment, processing equipment and technology and production level in Italy is located in the world's first column. The introduction of the processing center of the country of origin is Italy. Jiao Bin factory director for our introduction to the door and window processing plant, in general, if you need to order the processing center 3 months in advance to make an appointment, and the cost of up to one million yuan.

The introduction of the MC MECAL 305 Kosmos processing center with a dual positioning plate, and can extend the processing length, the length of the processed materials can exceed 4 meters, which means that it can be processed most of the doors and windows and curtain wall materials. The processing center supports remote communication, and the use of optical fiber transmission, all the control data are transmitted through a separate optical fiber, high reliability, can achieve a higher processing speed, and maintenance and repair convenient. More use of open computer, can effectively reduce the cost of maintenance.


With the accession of the machining center, our doors and windows factory will be able to achieve more efficient high precision of door and window curtain wall production and processing, and due to the high intelligent degree of the machining center, the automatic control precision, fast processing speed, therefore some small amount of aluminum parts can even free mold production.

Assembly of the same day there is a AME production of the included angle machine PE1800, according to reports, the doors and windows processing plant will gradually introduce advanced processing equipment at home and abroad, to replace the existing old processing equipment. In addition, the layout and operation of the processing plant has also begun to take shape, the director of the factory for us to explain the basic layout and planning of the plant. Processing plant in a way to the entire process of processing the entire processing plant in a number of processes corresponding to the processing area. Such as feed, heap area close to the side of the warehouse, and is convenient for processing materials into processing factory, the ipsilateral with all kinds of cutting tools and other chainsaw as material, billet machining in here as a preliminary cutting, then along the sent to the next level of finish machining area such as CNC machining center for further processing, and finally sent to the fine processing zones on the other side of the assembly. Assembly area and loading area of the completion of the finished product will be here after a short stay, and then by the logistics vehicle loading to the project site or customer hands.



The regional with floor paint paint shiny, regional distribution of organized, aisle can also paint on the clear and eye-catching green. According to coke, director of introduction, the machine position already planned. About the end of August, all the installation is complete, before October can debugging completed and put into production, the corresponding personnel also in succession arrangements in place.

Believe in under the care of the senior leadership of the company, under the leadership of the director of the coke, Huachang aluminum doors and windows factory will on schedule to complete the installation, commissioning and operation, this let we wish Huachang aluminum doors and windows factory soon put into production successfully and climbing performance.